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Cryptocurrency markets have seen an increase in volume in recent weeks, which is a great opportunity for new traders. Which is why we are here. To make this crypto season worthwhile.

Our mission

We work with markets, people, and everything in between…

We started Dex Labs Because we didn’t like trading crypto directly on exchanges because you had to constantly monitor your positions in order to make any profit. This inspired us to build a reliable platform that can help us stabilize our earnings in crypto while taking away some of the emotions that might result in losses.

How we do it

Millions of Trades around the world

Traditional grid strategies trade in perfectly predictable intervals and can require a lot of capital to use efficiently. Our strategies diverge from traditional grid strategies: targets are automatically adjusted to the recent volatility of the market, and trailing allows for much better fill rates. By meticulously keeping track of the overall break-even price of a ‘position’, the code can increase sell order size when in profit, even when the trade group of hundreds of smaller orders at different rates.

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